ELRAES has created a confident yet empathetic pie of emotion cut into five equally filling slices. The newest record from Kris Searle (ELRAES) spotlights heartfelt social and personal issues without becoming grey, muddy, or bias. The lead track ‘All Men Cry’ is a truthful declaration about the male compass and details the conflict of personal reality vs public myth. ‘Turn The Tide’ is a rhythmic satisfaction and the passionate acknowledgement of ones overall beauty. ‘I’ll Be There’ glues the record together with a meaningful and playful statement about not letting go.

Not to be out done ‘What Do You See’ & ‘Let Me Back In’ are both equally telling and impressive.  The music is crisp, beautiful and a fantastic backdrop that sits perfectly for every portrait Kris paints. Having previously won an L.A. Music Award together, Kris and Producer TMAC (Troy Macfarland) prove the magic is not dead but has gotten even more magical.

-Henry “VA” Mitchell - Songwriter/Producer

Hauntingly beautiful vocals. Deep, heartfelt and honest lyrics speaking the truth and sharing a message in opening up to the world and to the hearts of Men. "All Men Cry" is sure to be a massive success as so many can identify with the positivity of understanding in the song. I was fortunate enough to hear this recently and I’ve had it playing in my head all day long.
Well done ELRAES.
I wish you every Success.

-Kelly Smith - Singer/Songwriter

"All Men Cry" is stunningly beautiful! A thoughtful and thought-provoking song approaching a subject that so desperately needs to be talked about openly. I feel deeply honoured that ELRAES let me hear this today. I can't find the words to describe how this hit home and I'm excited to hear the rest of the album, this track alone is phenomenal!

-Rob Maley - Owner Jay Guitars, custom build.

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