ELRAES formerly known as Kris Searle, multi award-winning and Grammy considered singer/songwriter brings a true reset to his sound. A more mature tone steeped in experience and coloured with a new depth of emotion. 

His new album Re5et Pt. 1 - inspired by empathy for others living and suffering with issues that arise from mental health includes ELRAES and his owns challenges in a continued fight for a calm and peaceful mind and a world where people may never be the loving people they can be to each other.

“ELRAES returns with a stunning set of songs, so heartfelt you can feel every note pour, like honey from your earbuds to your brain. If you could package what it means to be a singer-songwriter in 2019, Re5et Pt. 1 is surely it. An honest, personal gift of an EP, with an important message to remind you to check in with yourself and reset every once in a while.”
- Jake Hook, Editor TheGayUK Magazine

Kent Collective Launch Music Video and Mental Health Project


All Men Cry is a collective from Herne Bay shining a new light on men’s mental health, and mental health in general, with the launch of the All Men Cry song and music video. The driving forces behind All Men Cry are established music recording artist ELRAES, a guy called ‘Banks’ who was once a most wanted criminal and who’s now an artist, high-profile transgender personality Kellie Maloney and their friends and professional contacts.


Recorded on a shoestring, calling in favours from industry professionals, the video for All Men Cry features boys and men who want to say, ‘It’s okay to say you’re not okay’, and to simply get across that mental health impacts on us all regardless of race, gender, sexuality and age. It is also the springboard to launch the HAPPY HERE community interest company which has a clear vision to work with local communities to support those affected by mental health issues – www.happyhere.me

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                                   All Men Cry         I'll Be There (NHS)

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